Ignition Self Drive Fiordland Discov 6 Boat
Luxury amidst the fiords

About the ROV

  • Our ROV provides high definition underwater footage of Milford Sound and Fiordland

  • The ROV descends under water, and is connected to the boat by a fibre optic umbilical-cable

  • Remotely controlled from aboard the boat, the ROV uses high-quality motors and high-torque propellers to supply thruster power to the ROV, which allows for vertical, horizontal and lateral movements to depths of down to 600m

  • Purpose built for Milford Sound and Fiordland's dark waters, it has powerful lights that attract marine life, and illuminate the darkness beneath the surface

  • The high definition camera mounted in the ROV, captures live underwater footage which is transmitted via the cable, back to the two big screen TV's in our boat lounge