Dusky Sound
Luxury amidst the fiords

Private & Exclusive Charters

Fiordland Discovery offers bespoke, private multi-day scenic, fishing, hunting and diving charters in the fiords and the Tasman Sea. The journey can start in Doubtful Sound and travel down the coast to Dusky Sound or Preservation Inlet, or the reverse – from Te Anau to Dusky Sound, and travel up the coast to Doubtful Sound.


Feel like having the Fiordland Jewel all to yourself as you relax on your own exclusive, personal cruise with family and friends? Our nine luxury cabins with private ensuites (catering up to 18 passengers) allow you to experience a remote getaway in comfort. These trips are tailored specifically for people who are interested in scenery, history and nature – while enjoying our fabulous cuisine each day.


The very latest in fishing technology, a 3D Wassp seafloor mapping system, is onboard. From years of commercial fishing, skipper Rob Swale has comprehensively mapped the fishing grounds of Fiordland and Stewart Island, enabling guests to make the most of their fishing time.

Common species caught in Fiordland include blue cod, groper, tuna and trumpeter. A world-record tuna was caught off the coast of Greymouth from Fiordland Discovery’s previous vessel, weighing in at a massive 325 kilograms.


The Fiordland underwater world is extraordinary in that many species, which are normally only discovered at great depths, are visible in shallower waters due to a light-absorbing freshwater layer.

The water is relatively warm and remarkably clear, giving you access to flora and fauna which is usually well out of reach, such as black coral, saucer sponge, large tube anemone and spiny sea dragons, as well as 160 species of fish. Guests also have the chance to gather their own lobster for dinner.

Although most parts of Fiordland are teeming with underwater life, there are five marine reserves available to dive in. Gaer Arm, the Gut and Elizabeth Island in Doubtful Sound, and Wet Jacket Arm in Dusky Sound, are all marine reserves with up to seven metres of rainfall floating on top of the seawater. It’s also fantastic to dive in the Five Fingers Peninsula Marine Reserve, which is exposed to wave action and mixes fresh and salt water together.

Fiordland Discovery provides all dive tanks and weight belts and Fiordland Jewel has its own onboard compressor. Divers must have their dive ticket and this is to be brought onboard.


Hunting for red deer in Fiordland is world-renowned and Fiordland Discovery offers hunting charters to cater for hunters keen to access the wilderness. Deer can occasionally be seen on landslips while cruising the fiords.

Hunters must supply their own gun, and have their current gun licence and a valid hunting permit, from the Department of Conservation (DOC) aboard with them. Fiordland Discovery provides a VHF radio and arranges drop-offs and pick-ups to suit.

Exclusive charters are available: Day, Overnight, and multi-day – upon request. Fiordland Discovery cruises are guided by expert crew and are fully catered.

DATES 2019

Dusky Sound to Doubtful Sound (7 days/6 nights)
22 April, out 28 April - Sold
6 May, out 12 May - Sold
22 June, out 28 June

Doubtful Sound to Dusky Sound (7 days/6 nights)
18 April, out 22 April - Sold
1 May, out 6 May - Sold
16 June, out 22 June

Doubtful Sound returning to Doubtful Sound (5 days/4 nights)
27 May, out 31 May

Preservation Inlet - Dusky Sound to Doubtful Sound (7 days/6 nights)
20 May, out 26 May

Stewart Island (7 days/6 nights) - from Oban
8 August, out 14 August

From Te Anau or transport available from Queenstown. Can include heli onboard or off-board.

All meals included

Maximum 18 passengers per cruise

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